Notice of Annual Meeting


in The Association for Multicultural Recovery Work

When: Monday, May 25, 2022 at 6 p.m.

Address: Steinkleiva 2 4631 Kristiansand, 2nd floor. 

Item 1. Write down the name and number of members present who have paid the membership fee .

Item 2. Approval of the Annual General Meeting: 

By notice 

Approve the agenda 

 Item 3. Choice of:

Chairman of the meeting 

Rapporteur (also signs the minutes) 

2 protocol signatories 

Voice corps of 2-3 people

Item 4. Annual report from the board is submitted for approval. Annual report for 2020 and 2021. 

Item 5. Accounts are submitted for approval. I

tem 6. Process incoming cases. 

Item 7. Approve the proposed action plan. 

Item 8. Approve budget proposals. Determine the size of the membership fee. 

Item 9. Selection volume_upcontent_copyshare 

a) A leader 

b) Deputy Chairman 

c) Treasurer 

d) At least 3 board members 

e) 2 auditors (to check the accounts) 

f) 2 persons to the nomination committee 

To be a member of the association and have the right to vote, a membership fee of NOK 100 must be paid. Payment is made to VIPPS 503006.