Anxiety and Depression don't take summer vacation


Then it was summer, summer vacation, with concerts, good atmosphere, barbecues, joy. But is it like that for everyone?

I talk to several who are not looking forward to summer vacation. There are so many expectations. The surroundings expect life and joy, but it can be stressful to be happy, be in top shape, be social. In fact, many of us dread this time of year, we have a kind of anxiety, we retire socially, unable to feel the feeling of happiness that we are constantly looking for because it is summer. The feeling of loneliness and isolation becomes stronger. It is paradoxical that many people struggle at this time of year, and social pressure to feel good does not help. Support networks are reduced, the municipal services close, there is virtually no one to turn to when the dark thoughts come up and this is on the tongue: I am struggling, can I get help? Hello, is that the island there? Body pressure is stronger than otherwise. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing light summer clothes, a bathing suit or jumping into the water, one can feel shy and embarrassed, which in itself can create a form of anxiety. For some, it means to show wounds and scars, maybe you have hurt yourself, it is tough to show the vulnerability that has left deep traces in your body. From personal experience, I know that destructive thoughts were reinforced in the summer. The sadness became heavier, the guilt of not being able to live up to what everyone expected of me was great. I felt unsuccessful who failed to be as happy as everyone else, nor did I manage to fulfill the summer plans that I and others expected. It made me sad and discouraged not to be able to have a summer that I wanted to, I became nostalgic about the more carefree summers of my childhood. I'm not alone in feeling this way. I know that this concerns many, and that few dare to talk about it. It's a shame not to succeed in what most others seem to fix. I want to contribute to a greater understanding of what for many can be extra difficult in the summer. In my work in ROM Agder (advice and opportunities) I meet those who struggle extra hard in this time of year. They deserve more help. At the moment, there is a lot of good that is being said and promised about suicide prevention. I am sure that a better help offer for those who struggle extra in the summer, can prevent both self-harm and prevent suicide. 

(Vanessa Poblete - Likeperson Coordinator, ROM-Agder)