Personal Recovery

Recovery is something the person with mental health challenges himself experiences and works towards.

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What is STIGMA? 

Here you will find information related to Social Stigma. Get informed and contact us if you have life experience regarding being or having been stigmatized for any reason.

First Step 

Conversation with a Likeperson 

The goal of talking to a Likeperson is that the user should feel comfortable and safe because the person treating them is a person who has gone through the same path and has user experience and additional knowledge to give the user the best support. Meet the user in the best possible way. 

We work with ROM-Agder.

A personal recovery-oriented mental health service is designed to support people in the four recovery tasks. These are supported by emphasizing relationships. The key differences between recovery-oriented and traditional practices have been assessed by several authors with experience in implementing service changes that promote recovery.