Anne Marie Løland and Khunche Muhamedi

Humanitarian aid for Kurds was founded on 16 November 2017 in a founding meeting in Kristiansand. The association was approved in the Register of Legal Entities in Brønnøysund on 23 November 2017 and was also registered in the Volunteer Register. The purpose of the association was of a non-party political and non-religious nature. 

The background for establishing the association was twofold: 

  • From 2015, discussion groups in Kurdish had been taking place at the ROM-Agder center for advice and opportunities in Kristiansand. Among other things, this center aims to offer support for life skills and low-threshold help in mental health. 
  • A humanitarian catastrophe occurred after massive earthquakes in the area of ​​Iraq / Iran in 2017. Families in Norway were severely affected by this in that their close relatives were severely injured or killed. There was a need for conversations and gatherings to provide interpersonal support to cope with grief and despair. 

Khunche Mohamedi, Ali Rafael Xas and Anne Marie Løland founded the Association for Humanitarian Aid for Kurds. 

There was a desire to have more ethnicities on the board, as well as fulfill having one or two people with a Norwegian background to strengthen the integration work. 

Through the association's work from 2017 to 2019, there was an increasing collaboration with Mental Health Kristiansand, In the summer of 2019, theme meetings and creative days were held at Villa Groheim in Kristiansand. . The offer also consisted of tour groups that met both on weekdays and on weekends. 

We learned that different immigrant groups and people who need psychological support can help each other. The needs of people to find meaning, to be seen and heard are universal. Many carry with them traumatic experiences; also Norwegians. Going forward, we wanted co-creation across cultures and the unique opportunity for development of cohesion.

The association decided at its annual meeting on 16 February 2020 to change the name of the Association for Multicultural Recovery Work and made the following its goal: 

  • The association is an interest organization for public health and life skills across cultures and ethnicities. 
  • The association works for people to be able to live meaningful lives and experience self-worth and mastery. 
  • The association is politically and religiously neutral. We work to reduce prejudice and stigma. 
  • We will promote alternatives to abuse of power and cultural beliefs that can lead to violence in close relationships and in society 
  • Through public health information and recovery-oriented work, arenas for dialogue and openness will be created. 
  • We will work for language for shared experiences and acceptance of emotions that are traditionally culturally suppressed. 
  • The association shall disseminate experiences to public authorities, private actors and to society in general.

With behind the operation of ROM - advice and opportunities Agder

In the spring of 2020, the association for multicultural recovery work applied to become a member organization in ROM-Agder. This was adopted and the association was then given the opportunity to participate in ROM-Agder's board and annual meetings.

Pandemic time.

During the corona epidemic, it became difficult to run the association. Key people reported illness and operations fell to a minimum.

During 2021, FFRA has contacted other organizations run by immigrant groups. It has been considered to develop the multicultural perspective where FFRA could act as an umbrella organization. So far, we have not achieved this, as the objectives of immigrant associations can be difficult to reconcile. We have succeeded in establishing a close collaboration with RAZEM - Polish Norwegian Association. RAZEM means TOGETHER, Their working methods and humanitarian attitude provide a basis for concrete collaboration on various projects.