Action Plan 

Action plan for the Association for multicultural recovery work - abbreviated FFR. 

Adopted at the annual meeting on December 6, 2021 

Organizational Structure 

FRR was established as a multicultural organization in 2020. The organization will build its identity and develop a broad collaboration that meets our articles of association.


  • Apply for fixed assets and project funds. 
  • Invite to interaction and co-creation with new cultures and actors. 
  • Develop Facebook and the website. 
  • The association collaborates with ROM-Agder as an umbrella organization and appoints representatives to ROM-Agder's board.

Visibility and influence 

The association will influence the population and decision-making authorities to increased integration, better trauma treatment services and a greater understanding of distinctive cultural values.


  • Be active in the media to influence politicians and health authorities in their decisions, e.g. via reader letters and podcasts 
  • Arrange gatherings and courses with a focus on mental health, cultural exchange and integration and the effect of social negative control in different groups 

Competence development 

FFR will provide expertise to representatives who can convey good choices for integration. Employees will be trained in topics around mental health and substance abuse, and where you can get help.


  • Offer recovery-oriented courses in collaboration with ROM-Agder. 
  • Collaboration with the Adult Education and Introduction program on general understanding of mental health 
  • Stimulate youth to participate 
  • Develop resources in collaboration with other organizations 
  • Organization course, accounting and reporting.