Our Fokus Areas

The association for multicultural recovery work - FFRA - was transformed into a multicultural organization in 2020. 

The association is an interest organization for public health and life skills across cultures and ethnicities. 

The association works for people to be able to live meaningful lives and experience self-worth and mastery. 

The association is politically and religiously neutral. We work to reduce prejudice and stigma. 

We will promote alternatives to abuse of power and cultural beliefs that can lead to violence in close relationships and in society. 

Through public health information and recovery-oriented work, arenas for dialogue and openness will be created. 

We will work for language about shared experiences and acceptance of emotions that are traditionally culturally suppressed. The association shall disseminate experiences to public authorities, private actors and to society in general. FFRA offers recovery-oriented courses in collaboration with ROM advice and opportunities -Agder. See  www.rom-agder.no